With every user on our platform, we pay you

It's that simple!

We get it and made it 100% worry free! You do not need prior fintech experience to gain a new revenue stream.

HCM, Payroll & HR Platforms

We are the partner of choice for all types of HR software companies. Learn how we can differentiate you from your competition.

Gig-Economy Platforms

Ever since Uber and Lyft started to pay drivers instantly, faster wage access has become the key to talent acquisition and retention. And all research shows: everyone wants to paid faster.

Pay instantly, without actually paying more often

Your employees can access their wages instantly upon leaving work, but you don’t pay more often and you don’t have to worry about additional cashflow requirements.

No Fintech experience required

We get it! Financial Services are intimidating, but you do not need prior fintech experience to gain a new revenue stream. When you partner with us, we’re responsible and we will deal with all the complexity that comes with setting up a comprehensive financial package for your employeesand you can focus on what you do best. Every platform is different. We work closely with all our platform partners to understand their fintech requirements so we can quickly define your use cases and ensure that we minimize the work of your development team.
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