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Employee financial stress and uncertainty are at an all-time high. GetPayce’s responsible, friendly on-demand Instant-Wage-Access platform gives employees visibility into their daily earnings, access to pay when they need it, and the power to plan — before payday arrives.

And to help during COVID-19, we're partnering with companies to offer GetPayce more quickly, for free.

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Get real about reducing financial stress

of people are distracted by money worries
source: PwC 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey
of people say their financial worries have led them to miss work. Distraction leads to work related accidents
source: PwC 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey
are more likely to leave for another organization who cares more about their financial wellbeing
source: PwC 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey
of households cannot afford an unexpected expsense of just €500
source: Experian — ‘3.5 million young households can’t afford a surprise expense’
of employees are looking for support from their employer to improve their financial resilience
source: AON — ‘Prevention is better than cure’ Whitepaper
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Instant wage access


Already earned but unpaid

Not early


Contribution of work done

Not a loan


Instant and timely

Not an advance

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How our platform will benefit your employees

Instant access to pay

Being able to access their wages when they need it lets employees come to work without financial stress. More focused and productive on their jobs. 

Reduce turnover

Solving the key stressor in your employees lives, through instant-wage-access, results in a workforce that feels more positive about you as an employer.

Increase in applications

Having early wage access in your benefits package presents a strong case when candidates have a choice of employer. It stands out as a more unique, modern benefit that not many other employers are offering.

Improved productivity

With GetPayce, your employees will see a direct causal relationship between the hours they put in and their pay.

Simply put, GetPayce Instant-Wage-Access is a solution that lets employees get some of the wages they’ve already earned, before their normal paycheck is due.

It’s distinct from a loan, because it’s not borrowing someone else’s money (for a fee and/or interest); instead, it’s the employee getting some of their own earned money, just earlier than their employer’s payment schedule would have released it to them via their paycheck.

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Easy to integrate

2 types of integration with GetPayce
A typical integration takes weeks, not months
Contact our dedicated support manager that will make sure everything goes smoothly.
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